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Item Size Type
34227 7/16"X5/8" EG CRWN STAPLE,16G,10M     7/16x5/8" 10m/Bx
34228 7/16"X3/4" EG CRWN STAPLE,16G,10M     7/16x3/4" 10m/Bx
34232 7/16"X7/8" EF CRWN STAPLE,16G,10M     7/16x7/8" 10m/Bx
34241 7/16X1" EG CRWN STAPLE,16G,10M     7/16x1" 10m/Bx
34246 7/16"X1-1/8" EG CRWN STAPLE,16G,10M     7/16x1-1/8" 10m/Bx
34251 7/16"X1-1/4" EG CRWN STAPLE,16G,10M     7/16x1-1/4" 10m/Bx
34256 7/16"X1-3/8" EG CRWN STAPLE,16G,10M     7/16x1-3/8" 10m/Bx
34261 7/16"X1-1/2" EG CRWN STPLE,16G,20M     7/16x1-1/2" 10m/Bx
34271 7/16"X1-3/4" EG CRWN STAPLE,16G,10M     7/16x1-3/4" 10m/Bx
34281 7/16"X2" EG CRWN STAPLE,16G,10M     7/16x2" 10m/Bx
Crown Staples
  • 16 gauge.
  • Galvanized.
  • Chisel point.
  • 70 staples per clip.
  • Applications: cedar and shake shingles, sub flooring, wall sheathing, roof decking, aluminum, steel and composition siding, lathing, bridging, component assembly and fencing.
Description: 34232 7/16" X7/8" Ef Crwn Staple, 16G, 10M
Item#: 4332-2323-7
UPC: 662627342323
Available: Call for In-Store Availability

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